Some of the ponies bred at Sheribrooke.

All of the ponies below have found new homes showing, riding, driving, companions or pets.

Sheribrooke Elgin Sheribrooke Elgin  Sheribrooke Gerry and Sheribrooke GeminiGerry and Gemini  Sheribrooke IngaSheribrooke Ember
 Harebelle  Sheribrooke Fraser and Sheribrooke Harebell.Fraser and Joanne  Sheribrooke FraserFraser rolling
 Some of Sheribrooke 's 2011 foals.Some of 2011s foals              Sheribrooke Huckleberry  Sheribrooke Fergus broken to ride .Fergus and Elizabeth
 Sheribrooke Kelty and Sheribrooke Kallan all geared up for Easter.Sheribrooke Kelty and Kallan dressed for Easter  Sheribrooke Ember looking after a small jockey.  Sheribrooke Kallan and Kelty reunited
 Sheribrooke Kelso successfully broken to drive coming 2nd in his first event with his new owners.Kelso driving  Team Sheribrooke transport.Team Sheribrooke Transport