Geldings at Sheribrooke

We have three geldings all with Sheribooke in their pedigrees.

Hamilton represents the stud in Miniature gelding classes and Bertie flies the flag in the Standard classes.

Benjamin can be called upon for Midi classes being 35" so all classes in the three heights covered.




Sheribrooke Hamilton 

Sheribrooke Hamilton

(piebald gelding)

d.o.b 09/05/2009

         Sire: Fosterhouses Excalibur (black)

Dam: Plumtree Tosca (piebald)

Approx 32"

Not for sale

Sheribrooke Benjamin came home after six years at the Manimou stud in Cumbria. He left me after passing his VVE, but as his owner was no longer wanting to breed had him gelded and I was offered him back along with his gelding son Manimou Bertie who has joined the show team successfully winning his class first time out.
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 Sheribrooke Benjamin

(skewbald gelding)

  Sire: Plumtree Patrick (chestnut)

Dam: Windswift May Blossom (skewbald)

d.o.b 15/06/2003

Approx 35"

Not for sale


 Manimou Bertie

(dark bay gelding)

          Sire: Sheribrooke Benjamin (skewbald)

Dam: Candy of Hools (black)

d.o.b 28/04/2008

Approx 38"

Not for sale